A century of history

From the days of yore up to the present day



Rich history

Averbode Abbey boasts a rich history that meanwhile spans a millennium. It was founded in 1134 at the behest of Arnold II, Count of Loon and its activities soon included agriculture to ensure its viability. Over the centuries however, the abbey faced many trials such as looting, fires and the plague. Indeed, in the late 18th century it was even sold and demolished.


Recent history

From the 19th century onwards the abbey began to flourish once more. Monastic life resumed and the abbey became the hub of many activities such as missionary work and a publishing house. In the 20th century, the Norbertines founded several schools. Today the future looks bright for Averbode Abbey, thanks among others to a wide range of products and a brand-new experience centre.

The Norbertines

The canons of Averbode Abbey belong to the order founded by Saint Norbert, which is why they are called Norbertines. However, they are also known under several other names. For instance, the name Premonstratensians refers to Prémontré, the small rural village in France where the order was founded in 1121. Their white habit also earned them the nickname ‘Witheren’ (‘White Canons’).
Like Jesus, the Norbertines’ aim is to spread the gospel in a way that inspires courage and confidence. At the same time they also wish to live the gospel together, as brothers, in a praying servant community. In their lives they strive for a symbiosis between community life, prayer and pastoral commitment.


Teaming up with Brewery Huyghe

In 2013 we started brewing the Averbode abbey beer in close collaboration with Brewery Huyghe.
The unique dry hopping technique gives a special hoppy flavour to this blonde abbey beer.