The abbey not only launched its basket of Averbode products with beer, gingerbread, cheeses and bread, but also created a welcoming experience centre where traditional crafts are practiced once again. Old service buildings were given a new purpose: they now house an abbey café with in-house brewery, a cheese factory, a bakery and an abbey shop. Multiple info carriers introduce visitors to the abbey life, the publishing house and the living tradition in farming and nutrition.


The Averbode abbey beer pays homage to history: brewing activities took place in the abbey from the 14th to the early 20th century. For the production of the ‘new’ abbey beer, the abbey opted for Brewery Huyghe, a brewery that also boasts a rich past.

But there are other similarities as well because respect for the environment and society as a whole rank among the brewery’s core values. For instance, thanks to the Mongozo beer, Brewery Huyghe is the only brewery in Belgium to market a beer that has earned both the fair trade, gluten-free and organic labels. The brewery also actively invests in a smaller ecological footprint and social employment.



For the production of Averbode abbey cheese the abbey collaborates with Milcobel, the Belgian dairy cooperative that groups some 3,000 dairy farmers. This makes perfect sense: working together is typical of both a cooperative and an abbey. In addition, the dairy farm is set to become a member of Milcobel and in this way also make a sustainable contribution.

Abbey cheeses are part of the Belgian culinary heritage in which tradition and authenticity are paramount. These values are also the common thread that runs through the development process of Averbode abbey cheese. Milcobel guarantees a cheese production that combines sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation.


Pasteurised milk, salt, rennet, lactic acid, colourings: E160b, preservative: lysozyme (egg).


For the production of Averbode abbey bread the abbey community teamed up with the La Lorraine Bakery Group. Like the abbey, this group gives high priority to authenticity, tradition and respect for the environment. The whole wheat Averbode bread therefore combines the best of nature with the baker’s skills.


When Averbode Abbey decided to add gingerbread to its range, Vondelmolen was the first candidate the abbey looked to for collaboration. This seemed a logical step because the gingerbread produced by this family business has been on the brothers’ menu at the abbey for many years. What makes the collaboration between Averbode Abbey and Vondelmolen so harmonious are the standards shared by both brands.

Gingerbread has all the requisite qualities to bring to life Averbode Abbey’s philosophy of ‘one with the moment’. Indeed, this delicacy can enrich various moments of the day such as breakfast, and it’s also the perfect snack or dessert. On top of this, gingerbread is extremely versatile: it is not only a healthy indulgence, it also gives you energy.


Mainly rye flour, honey and spices.