Abdij Bier Averbode
Bottle 925 Bottle 925

A gift so deliciousAbbaye Beer Averbode

33cl with crown cap, 75cl with cork andmuselet.
20l. 30l.
Alcohol volume
7,5% VOL
Golden (or lightly veiled by the secondary fermentation in the bottle) with a fine head.
Floral, green apples, a hint of sweetness and delicate hop aroma
Resounding, sweet malt and a pleasant hop character by carefully selected hops. A fresh, rich and bitter aftertaste make this (unique) a real beer experience.

BeerAverbode Abbey beer is a tribute to history

Averbode Abbey beer is a tribute to history: from the 14th to the early 20th century the abbey was already actively engaged in brewing. For the production of the 'new' abbey beer the abbey opted for Brouwerij Huyghe, which also has a rich history of its own.

However, there are also similarities. Respect for the environment and society play a central role in the brewery. Indeed, Brouwerij Huyghe is the only brewery in Belgium to produce the Mongoza-beer that has received the fair trade, gluten free and organic label. It also actively invests in a smaller footprint and social employment.

The AbbayeOver the centuries however, the abbey faced many trials

Averbode Abbey has a rich history geschiedenis, which already spans ten centuries. It was founded in 1134 on the initiative of Arnold II, Count of Loon. Its activities soon included agriculture to ensure its sustainability. Over the centuries however, the abbey faced many trials such as looting, fires and the plague. Indeed, in the late 18th century it was even sold and demolished.

From the 19th century onwards the abbey began to flourish once more. Monastic life was resumed and it became the hub of many activities such as missionary work and a publishing house. In the 20th century the Norbertine monks founded different schools. Today Averbode Abbey faces a bright future with a wide range of products and a brand new experience centre.